Hi Everyone,

I’m George Butler and welcome to my website. Some of you may know of me, some of you may not. Either way it does not matter, what matters is that I am here as your Health & Fitness Peak Performance Coach and am ready to give my all in order for you to get the RESULTS you want!

It does not matter whether you are male/female, what age you are, how currently active you are, if at all. If you are just starting out or if you already feel as though you are at an advanced level. With my GUIDANCE and complete SUPPORT will we make that change you have always wanted and be sure to achieve FANTASTIC RESULTS!

Many other health coaches/personal trainers, whether that be online or in a gym will instruct their clients to follow a diet/workout plan for a required time frame, which is normally 12 WEEKS. Setting time frame goals for clients is important however I am a firm believer that there should be no restrictions as to when to STOP, you must look at the BIGGER PICTURE and the LONGEVITY.

 The bigger picture being how you dictate the rest of YOUR LIFE, the DISCIPLINE, the MINDSET required to determine how SUCCESSFUL and HEALTHY you will be. Eating healthy food, following a structured routine has more meaning that just a ‘quick fix’ it is a LIFESTYLE in which ultimately you are fuelling your BODY and BRAIN to become the BEST it can be. No matter how old you may be, what job you work, what field/industry you are in, the key to optimising your success and overall happiness and functioning is YOURSELF. We as human beings must eat every single day in order to not only grow but to survive, what we put in our body determines how we FEEL, how we ACT and how we THINK. Now imagine fuelling yourself with the most nutritious foods and exercise to improve your PHYSICAL and MENTAL functioning every single day, not just in a 12 week time period but for a LIFETIME. Think of your everyday performance and all the opportunities your new found self will open doors to…ENDLESS.

To get started with me and to begin your own personal fitness journey simply visit the PERSONALISED COACHING tab at the top of the site. Have a look around the site and see what works for you. For those SERIOUS about your health, I look forward to hearing and working with you soon!

George Butler