This Ultimate lean mass package is for anyone that wants to pack on quality muscle mass/size at the most efficient, effective rate whilst most importantly staying lean. This means you will be avoiding any unnecessary fat and gradually be increasing muscle definition in the process. Ultimately, regardless of your past experience, age, your current exercise levels, whatever stage of fitness you may be at, this programme is targeted to maximise muscle mass, burn fat and improve your overall strength.


This Fat attack & muscle gain package is for anyone that wants to ultimately improve on muscle definition, gradually increasing muscle size, whilst most importantly losing body fat in the process. Regardless of your age, your body type, your current exercise levels, or whatever stage you may be at. This package will ensure you optimise your fat burning, muscle gaining results which will essentially get you on track to being ripped and in healthy condition.



"I purchased your chest workout a while back and have incorporated it into my training week when I want an extra session focusing on building a bigger and more defined chest.

As you can see my chest is slowly starting to fill out."

- Grant