Fat Attack & Muscle Gains Plan

USD $194.78 $132.49

This Fat attack & muscle gain package is for anyone that wants to ultimately improve on muscle definition, gradually increasing muscle size, whilst most importantly losing body fat in the process. Regardless of your age, your body type, your current exercise levels, or whatever stage you may be at. This package will ensure you optimise your fat burning, muscle gaining results which will essentially get you on track to being ripped and in healthy condition. In this Package you will receive the following specifically designed for this programme:

  • 24/7 email contact support
  • Daily eating schedule 
  • Training & Non training day food plans
  • Guilt Free everyday food/drinks
  • Refeed recommendations for leptin level purposes (fat burning)
  • Vitamin recommendations 
  • Daily supplementation plan
  • Precise calculations of food weighing
  • Seasoning of food to optimise fat burning
  • Cardio Timetable

Upon purchase you will be prompted to download a detailed questionnaire which will then allow me to design a programme that is specifically created for you and your requirements.